In honor of Martin Luther King and all of the brilliant and courageous black Americans who have helped to shape the character and strength of our nation, I sponsored a  free Deliverance Mary Fields ebook day on Sunday, January 15th, via Bookbub and several other promotional ebook sites.

The response was incredible. I am moved, not only because it gives me hope that there are many readers interested in American history, but also black American history.  Hope that somehow, each of us can , by personal behavior, change the persistent presence of unjust racial prejudice and the attitudes and beliefs that create and perpetuate them. It's abhorrent that discrimination and hatred based on the color of skin and ethnic origin continue to exist. In twenty-four hours, eight thousand, six-hundred and ninety-seven Deliverance Mary Fields ebook downloads occurred. Huzzah! If any of you are reading this, thank you, and I hope you enjoy the book.